About us

QuesTours is our brand for individual experiences, especially tailor-made travels, team building, festivals, urban quests and more. QuesTours is a licensed tour operator and offers a complete package of individual or organized trips, including accommodation, transportation, meals, guided tours and specialized attractions and activities. Our product is not a mechanical collection of travel services, but an overall complete experience that enriches, develops and the memory of which remains long after returning home. 

Our story

More than 10 years ago we established the National Tourism Cluster "Bulgarian Guide" (www.bg-guide.org/en) with the mission to develop innovative tourism services focused on the individual travel experiences. We are committed to sustainable tourism development, cultural heritage valorization, creative industries development, social innovation, education, etc.


Managing Director
Georgi is co-founder and managing director of Questours Ltd. He has a Master's degree in Tourism Economics of Cultural Heritage and is a co-founder of the National Tourism Cluster "The Bulgarian Travel Guide", Association "Explore Bulgaria" and others. Georgi has organized a number of festivals, cultural and professional events, adventure tours, etc. Working languages. English, German, Bulgarian.


Desislava is a professional with more than 15 years of experience in tourism. She is the chairperson of the National Tourism Cluster "Bulgarian Guide", co-founder of DANUrB International Association (DIA), project manager, lecturer and facilitator at international conferences. Working languages: English, German, Bulgarian


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