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Immerse yourself in the authentic Bulgarian culture!

Discover the charm of Southwest Bulgaria with our exciting "Traditions and Crafts" tour!

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08.30ч. – Group meeting. Departure Sofia - Pernik- Radomir - s. Izvor - village. 80 km. / journey 1,30h/

10.00 ч. Visit to Zemeneja Farm with a short talk and a tour of the Old House Cow Farm and Zemeneja Dairy

11.00 ч.-  Coffee break in Zemen / farm Zemenea .

12.00ч. – Arrival in Shishkovtsi village / 36 km. ~ 45 min / and visit the house-museum of Vl. Dimitrov-Maistora and a talk by the museum manager

 14.00 – 15.00ч. - Lunch in the complex Tihia nook /s. Slocoschina


15.30ч. - Coffee break in the area of Hisarlaka

16.30ч. - Arrival in. Goranovtsi / 15km. ~ 25 min/

 / The village of Goranovtsi is located in a mountainous area in the geographical region of Kyustendilsko Krajishte, in the valley of the river Dragovishchitsa, 21 km north-west of the town. The village is located in the village of Gostovishvili, 21 km from the town of Kyustendil. One of the most beautiful Kyustendil villages, with wonderful climate, nature and unique architecture/ and a visit to the folk community center "Hristo Botev", which houses an ethnographic collection with many models and objects related to the lifestyle of the local people from the late XIX century.

18.00ч. - Arrival in Kyustendil and check-in at the hotel in Kyustendil. Kyustendil

20.00ч – Dinner

08.00-09.00ч. - Breakfast.

09.15ч. Visit to Kyustendil Community Centre with presentation of traditional crafts from Kyustendil

10.30ч. Arrival in. Rajdovitsa. / 13km. ~ 20 min/ Visit the crafts center "The Old Cherry" .

13.30ч. Arrive in the village of Studen Izvor and visit the yogurt museum.

14.30ч.  Arrival in Busintsi village, Tran municipality, Pernik district. 70 km. Visiting the Museum of Ceramics in the village of Bussin. Busintsi - an original ethnographic complex and creative base for applied artists in 1982. It includes an ethnographic exposition, a demonstration pottery studio, a restored traditional house with an authentic pottery workshop.

16.45ч.17.00 ч. Sofia

First tour

27-28 юни

Second tour

5-6th of July

The price is 350 BGN

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