Questours is your host for unforgettable adventures in Bulgaria!

Among the wild nature

Discover the beauty of the Bulgarian mountains, forests, waterfalls and caves. Observe rare animals and plants.

In the heart of history

Visit ancient fortresses, Thracian tombs, archaeological museums and experience Bulgaria's past

On the authentic paths

Потопете се в българските традиции, фолклор и занаяти. Опитайте вкусна местна кухня и се срещнете с гостоприемни домакини.

Touch history

Questours presents you

Unique routes

Developed by a team of experienced guides who know Bulgaria like the back of their hand.

River rafting, climbing, horseback riding, biking - something for everyone.

You will stay in cozy guest houses, family hotels or authentic chalets

You will enjoy delicious Bulgarian dishes prepared with fresh local produce.


North-Western Tour

Veliko Turnovo & Gabrovo