Born to be


Born to be wiii-iiiiii-iii-ld! Yes, we are and we love it! We are out there to hide, seek, run, walk, bike, climb, ride, fly, fall, dive, swim, sail, paddle and do everything that makes us have fun….

let’s go

Into the wild


“Beautiful you are my dear Forest, you smell on youth…”
(from a Bulgarian folklore song)


“I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike”
(from another famous (Non-Bulgarian) song)👑


The Thracians and Proto-Bulgarians had a special relation to the horses and even worshiped them. Mount the horse and galop with the wind!


Check some of the best climbing routes!

or do you want to fly

in the sky?

Since the time of Icarus mankind`s dream is to fly in the sky like the birds. We make it possible.

bungee jumping

Adrenaline + scenic views = guaranteed pleasure


Fly with most experienced instructors from the most famous flying sites in Bulgaria


Your safety is our priority! The adrenaline is all Yours!

hit the slopes

Snow Sports


The Balkans are rich in mountains. Hit the slopes.


We can take you to Bansko, Borovets or Vitosha. You choose.

let’s go for a 

dive into the deep

Underwater or onboards, or why not both?! Take a boat and sail where the winds blow… Or scuba-dive to the sunken airplane Tupolev, ancient shipwrecks or caves.


We offer diving experience for beginners and advanced divers in Bulgaria and Greece


Rent a boat in Bulgaria or Greece

how’s your aim?



We don't facilitate shooting animals. No offers here, sorry!


That`s something else… Take your camera out, take a breath and shoooooot! Best pictures shall be awarded.


If you didn't serve in the army, don’t worry - we didn't either. But it doesn’t stop us have fun by shooting each other on the paintball battlefield.

What we Do

is what you love

Exciting, isn’t it?

Let's start
your journey!